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The original idea behind this book was “what if we put all of those SAP tables and fields into one file, sot hat everyone could know exactly what they need to use to do each audit test”. It then evolved into information concerning how to use those tables and fields, typical audit tests and more.
Data analytics secrets is a fun read with lots of stories, pictures, reference tables and diagrams that bring your SAP data analytics learning to life.

Ever wanted to get data out of SAP, but been blocked by the IT department, don’t know where to start or spent too long time downloading data through SE16? When you get the ASAP tool, you will be able to automate your SAP downloads (without installing anything SAP-side) and you will also get templates for automating all the downloads of all the SAP tables and fields that you need for the audit tests mentioned in our book.
ASAP is SAP certified and works for ECC as for S4.

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If your team are pushed for time and want to get a quick idea of a data analytics test for their audit, then perhaps on-line mini-e-learning is the way to go. 300Academy is a set of 300 e-learnings that you can provide to your team, covering all the main business areas (financial reporting, purchase-to-pay, order-to-cash, inventory, fixed assets, human resources, user access), the risk and accounting and business process knowledge for these areas as well as the SAP data and fields that you would need to do the audit test… including live access to QLIK dashboards and a friendly bot to guide your interpretation. CPE certificates included, theĀ 300Academy is aimed at helping you motivate your audit team on their data analytics journey.

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